I mainly use iron plates as a medium for my art. The iron plate has been rusted intentionally and I create artwork utilizing that rusted color. The idea of making pictures by rusting iron plate sprang to mind because of the Japanese `Tatara` iron-making method which impressed me. It is a Japanese old way of making iron using iron minerals from the earth and burning wood coal for the fire. All objects on the earth change their substance repeatedly in a continual existence by transforming into various shapes. Even iron which is man-made, can naturally rust over time and eventually falls into decay. Iron, that becomes rusted is actually a natural gradation of iron. I think the event when rust starts to appear on the surface of artificially processed iron is a reflection of iron trying to return to its natural form. I came to realize that man-made objects can still retain a natural imprint. As its final minutes’ are approaching, an artificially made object will retrieve its imprint in nature and return to its more natural state. I wish to express the transfiguration of eternal life and a memento of nature into my artworks.

【Memories of Iron】

Memory of iron




In some of my artworks I do not use a prevention of corrosion method for the iron. It is difficult to keep the original shape in those artworks unless I use a decay prevention method. So, why is it I do not use a corrosion preventive method on some of my artworks? This is because I want to demonstrate the changes to it over time to the audience. By witnessing these changes, people will sense my artworks as anima, and does not give a stereotypical interpretation of its configuration. 


【Long Long Sleep】

Long Long Sleep Ammonite




My artworks that have a rust-proof coating mainly reflect a fossil-like image, a compressed ancient organism along with traces of its past presence. Iron loses its shape to decay by rust. I apply a rust preventive coating to my artwork that have some extent of decay. It is my intention to duplicate the crystallized existence of fossils.